Rock and tales
The lyrics are engaged, confrontational, even bordering on unsettling, and Baïki couldn’t have had it in any other way, for they cannot imagine a song without conveying a message that reflects an insight into society. Otherwise you’re merely decorating, and not painting… it’s not about politics, but about looking at the world around us through a slanted lens. Their songs deal with the complexity of a man doing his best to fit into the wheels in motion of a cynical world, and in doing so, constantly spinning in a universe of satire and emotional release. 
Baïki (pronounced “Buy-Key") draws its name from “bajki” in Polish which means “tales, stories”. 
None of this is real, though on second thoughts… 

What's up, doc?
Baïki live in Mazy!
With concerts postponed, then canceled and ban on rehearsals, no need to specify that for Baïki, along with all other artistic projects, times are hard. The most difficult being not to know ...

So, if your heart tells you, it is always possible to support us by uploading some of our music to Bandcamp.

Thank you !
A brand new track will be released in March 2021. Hopefully...

Hotel Echo Lima Papa (H.E.L.P.) will be backed up by an amazing video-clip!

Rhyme Sacrifice
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