Les boites (13/10/2023)
Mogg Blog (UK) – 07/01/2024 
A track about being too protected, BAÏKI’s “Les Boites” speaks about how, as a planet, we all live in our protective boxes, but it’s those boxes that actually hold us back even more. A fast-paced track that echoes the frantic form that we call life, the new release resides in an alternative rock limelight with pop-punk measurements thrown in for extra spice. The Belgium band’s performance is fuelled with energy and confidence that proves they know exactly what they’re doing and what they want to achieve with their music. 
Speaking about the track, the group shared: “We run from one box to the next, but while we’re running, we don’t take the time to stop and think. Everything is neatly filed away in virtue drawers. All tidied up until the end of the road. Where all that’s left… is memories in boxes.“ 
The music video is the result of long brainstorming sessions. At first, there was a strong temptation to stick to the disenchanted theme of the text, but each time, the synopsis didn’t satisfy. Rather than illustrate the lyrics of the song, they decided to do the complete opposite! 
Watch the crazy video that accompanies the release!

Underground Musical (Brasil) – 02/01/2024 
Se pararmos para pensar, nossas memórias parecem estar armazenadas em arquivos, os detalhes da vida cotidiana parecem estar arquivados em caixas de memória, e podemos até acessá-los de tempos em tempos. 'Les boites' trouxe uma leitura inovadora da vida e seus momentos, é uma música com uma visão diferente, trazendo essa ideia de uma forma cômica somada a um belo instrumental punk rock e cantada em francês! É sempre positivo destacar uma banda que canta em sua língua materna, trazendo um novo sabor para quem está acostumado a ouvir músicas em seu próprio idioma ou, como a maioria das pessoas, em inglês. Baïke nos deu um ótimo trabalho e nos deixa com a percepção de que realmente precisamos 'pensar fora da caixa'.

Zona Emergente (Mexico) – 18/12/2023 
El tema “Les boites” nos habla de la vida meticulosamente organizada de cada individuo, cada faceta es cuidadosamente empaquetada en cajas definidas: hogar, escuela, coche y trabajo. Cada elemento, prolijamente resguardado en los cajones de la virtud, crea un orden aparentemente impenetrable a lo largo del camino. Sin embargo, al llegar al final, lo único que persiste son los recuerdos, encapsulados en cajas. 
Esta reflexión invita a cuestionar la naturaleza efímera de la estructura y resalta la esencia imperecedera de las experiencias. En última instancia, revela la paradoja de la vida organizada, donde la verdadera riqueza yace en las memorias, no en las cajas meticulosamente dispuestas. 

OUR SOUND MUSIC (UK) – 13/12/2023 
Boxes… Boxes Everywhere: Belgians BAÏKI Think Outside The Bo- (well you get it) In ‘Les Boites’ 
We live in boxes. Home, school, car, job. Cosy, protective boxes, yes, but boxes that prevent us from spreading our wings. Is that the price we pay for feeling protected? And when do these protective boxes become prisons?  
Those are the first words that greeted me on the press release from Belgian band Baiki. Immediately before clicking play on their song and video, it was clear this wasn’t going to be a straightforward review. It would seem from ‘Les Boites’ (the single that came out on the 13th of October) that Baiki are equal parts mad and brilliant.  
‘Les Boites’ covers the idea that, as the introduction suggests, our lives are compartmentalised to more easily digestible chunks, chunks that find us fall into mass monotony and conformity. Baiki suggest with this song that life is for more than the security of working, eating, sleeping.  
Musically, Baiki utilise clean guitars and a near-spoken word delivery. This delivery strikes a chord of defiant semi-punk energy with listeners and with the video’s (soon to be described) motifs of rebellion - there’s something quite left field and stirring about it. Notable (translated) lyrics: 
“We go to work in wheel boxes / to keep our position in the company  
You’ve got to make the cash drawer jingle / if you don’t want to mess it up” 
What is brilliant about Baiki, is that their music video aptly describes the narrative of the song. Thus, it seems best to let the band themselves describe the chaos I subjected to myself for 3:50. 
“This video clip is the result of long brainstorming sessions. At first, there was a strong temptation to stick to the disenchanted theme of the text, but each time, the synopsis didn't satisfy. That's when Yves and Phil came to the conclusion that it wasn't necessary to labour the point. Rather than illustrate the lyrics of the song, they decided to do the complete opposite! And that's where the idea came from... 
Starting with the title of the song, there was certainly a way to do something funny and off-the-wall. Phil built a huge wall of boxes and costume boxes for each of the musicians. As these costumes were very uncomfortable and rather ridiculous, why not imagine that it was the director who had come up with this crazy idea? 
The video clip tells the story of a tyrannical director who dreams of making his puppets dance. But unfortunately for him, things don't turn out the way he wants! The protagonists are very dissipated and even end up rebelling against the director… 
The clip was filmed in a workshop on the outskirts of Charleroi (Belgium). To avoid it getting too hot during filming, a Sunday in June was chosen rather than a day in July. But, as luck would have it, you can't predict the weather in Belgium. That day in June was the hottest of Summer 2023 and 6 fans were needed to prevent the members of Baïki from melting under their disguises…” 
Chaotic yet clever, liminal imagery yet still comedic - Baiki’s song and accompanying video is a mix of emotions that are as contrasting as the box colours of green, red, yellow, and purple. There is a silently hauntingly grim aspect, which seems fitting to end on.  
“Our whole lives are packed into boxes. Home, school, car, job. Everything neatly filed away in drawers of virtue. All tidied up until the end of the road. Where all that's left... is memories in boxes.” 

"Les boites", the latest single from Belgium-based band, Baïki. is a poppy new tune that features an anthemic blend of styles. Pulling you in with a raw and infectious instrumental, the track soon erupts into a wild ride full of big hooks. unique transitions, and spot-on production work. What a release! 
Boasting a powerful blend of garage rock, alternative, and punk rock energy, the band shines brightly here by being able to creatively craft a sound that feels nostalgic while at the same time new. It's always refreshing to stumble across a song that can serve as an impressive display of songwriting and leave you wanting more. We're not sure what the band has planned next, but we can't wait to find out!

OG Music (India) – 02/12/2023 
Through Provocative Music, Baïki Bestows an Early Christmas Present! 
Baïki is a Belgian band that includes Phil on guitar and vocals, MarcDo on guitar and backing vocals, Hugues on drums, and bROCKy on bass. Their songs are thought-provoking, challenging, and sometimes even borderline disturbing, and they wouldn't settle for anything else. Their intention isn't to be political, but they want their listeners to perceive the world from a fresh perspective. Their songs explore the complexities of human nature, as we strive to fit in while constantly being pulled in different directions by our emotions and desire to be free. The word Baïki ("Buy-Key") is derived from the Polish word 'Bajki', which means 'tales or stories'. 
The band released their latest single, 'Les boites', on October, 13th, 2023, which means 'The Boxes' in French. The song is about challenging societal norms. In the music video, four boxes are protesting against a producer who wants them to choreograph their own music video. The music video is effectively ruined by the boxes throughout the video as they do their own thing. The video encourages the listener to consider how they can alter their situation and not conform to the crowd. Watching this video elicits a wide range of emotions and opinions from me. 
It's an intriguing song because it's both catchy and thought-provoking. The lyrics are clever and the production is excellent. The music video is well-crafted and enhances the song's overall effect. While the music video may appear strange at first, it becomes more powerful when you understand the message the musicians are trying to convey. The song's message is about the dangers of conformity and the significance of self-discipline. Today's society makes this message more relevant than ever. I very much enjoyed this production, and I hope you will too by listening to it on all streaming platforms! 

SWIISPA (USA) – 30/11/2023 
Boom! Fans of BAÏKI must be feeling relieved after waiting Soo long for this masterpiece to be released. Well he titled this one “Les Boites” and trust me when I say good music knows no lingual boundaries, sometimes the beats and vocals are enough to enjoy a masterpiece man. It’s no doubt that people actually understand this music sh** better than others and BAÏKI here who comes from Belgium has indeed created music that talks about life and how we all wanna be free from what holds us back or the problems life throw at us using boxes and images that sends a strong message from the studios of Studio La Rivière and EQUUS. 
BAÏKI who is the brains behind this masterpiece, has put together a beautiful comps that portrays how fast our lives are. He did all this using vocals, guitars, bass, and virtual drums that creates a unique sound and visuals that talks about the struggles around our lives and how we aspire to break free from it 
With the song coming along with a music video to help give listeners a good perspective of what BAÏKI is trying to achieve, he teamed up with Yves Huppen, who helped in bringing this amazing storyline into visuals by creating a thought-provoking video that matches the music. The video paints a clear picture of what the song is trying to portray and that means even if you don’t understand the language the video is there guide you. 
The lyrics talks about the idea of living in boxes, at home, school, or work. After when work is done we put down the pen and there comes responsibilities, the headaches those brings and the thoughts of moving from a comfy zone into a chaos world makes it just hard BAÏKI’s fast flow on the beats showcases that fast-paced lives. Due to the rush in the quest to have the best life, we often overlook what’s really at stake around us, especially when all we do is making sure we don’t loose our job or position in the company, it’s a beautiful song, the concept is clean af and the lyrics really hit hard when it’s exactly what you facing. 
BAÏKI’s song and concept tells us to rethink of what we put our focus on. The blend of music and visuals prompts reflects on the fine line between protection and confinement. “Les Boites” is a song that suggests a new direction, inviting us to step outside our comfort zones and embrace the unknown. 
BAÏKI’s “Les Boites” is more than just a song, it’s an experience that inspires self-analysis and talks the spirit of rebellion against obedience. Take a moment to break free from your boxes and join this musical and visual adventure. 

NENESBUTLER (Austria) – 27/11/2023 
BAÏKI... is a band, full of irony, humor, and criticism, that likes to play with languages, genres, and stories. Formed in 2020, the band draws inspiration from their diverse backgrounds and influences, ranging from punk to folk, from French to Polish. Baïki’s name comes from the Polish word “bajki”, which means “stories”.  
The band invites the listeners to not take everything at face value, but to question, reflect, and enjoy the ride. Baïki is a band that doesn’t fit into any box, but rather breaks them with their music and stories. 
We live in boxes, whether it’s our houses, the schools we go to, or our jobs. We mostly find ourselves in a reality that we have created, which actually confines us a lot, without us being aware of it. These self-made boundaries seem too cozy and safe to us. The price we pay for that is our dreams and passions, which we give up for a false sense of security. And we don’t notice when these boxes turn into cages that lock us up. 
“Les boites” by BAÏKI addresses exactly this topic and turns it into a punk rock anthem that challenges this status quo. The lyrics, reveal the absurdity and hypocrisy of our box-shaped lives. With a defiant and ironic voice, the song mocks the puppeteer, who manipulates the boxes and the people inside them. 
The arrangement, the execution of the music, skillfully describes the hustle and bustle of our being on the highway of life. We rush from one box to another, but we never stop to question or reflect. Everything is neatly sorted and labeled. Everything is under control until the end of the road. Where all that remains are the memories of the boxes. 
The video clip for this song is the result of a creative process that swims against this current. At first, the idea was to follow the pessimistic theme of the text, but none of the proposals were satisfactory. Yves and Phil therefore decided that it was not necessary to be redundant. Instead of illustrating the song, they decided to contrast it! 
It was then filmed in a workshop on the outskirts of Charleroi (Belgium). To avoid the heat, they chose a Sunday in June instead of a day in July. But, as fate would have it, the weather in Belgium was unpredictable and this day in June was the hottest of the summer of 2023 and six fans were needed to prevent the members of BAÏKI from melting under their costumes. The result is both audible and visible. With “Les boites” BAÏKI deliver a great piece in visual as well as auditory form! 
DCxPC LIVE (USA) – 26/11/2023 
BAÏKI Releases New Single: “Les boites” 

My first exposure to this song was just the pure audio, and it was a fun punk jam with a big chorus that I’d sing along too if only I knew the words. Good shit indeed. Then I watched the video with English subtitles, and I was even more taken with the song. Visually it looks like a kid’s TV show like Yo Gabba Gabba, but content wise, despite it’s humorous composition, it is actually sort of dark as the four actors in the video eventually rebel against the director and put him in his own box—ostensibly forever. 
Lyrically this song hits home for me, and I’m sure for many others who feel like we have to go to work each day in our cars to produce for a boss to earn enough money to come back to a small home where we can fall asleep watching TV just to get up and do it all over again. It reminds me of a song from my old band, The Overprivileged, called “Whoever told me I could be whatever I want to be when I grow up lied” and not just because both songs used the term automaton. 
I am a little curious about work life in Belgium especially since I believe the whole country has gone to the 4-day work week, I had sort of assumed that they didn’t prescribe to the capitalist guilt that one had to be productive at all times to be doing anything of value that is so pervasive in America. I guess going to a job without meaning just to eek out a living is universal. 
Maybe its the boxes, but part of the song reminds me immediately of “Little Boxes” by Mavina Reynolds made newly popular a decade or so ago by the television show Weeds. 
Would totally love to see this band live, maybe they can play The Fest next year and hit Orlando for Foreign Dissent too? 
Apollo’s Harp (India) – 25/11/2023 
Baïki’s ‘Les Boites’ Forms on the Fringe of Exciting Rock and Edgy Punk

Baïki lingers on the fringe of adventure and excitement. And his soundscapes are molded in the same spirit. With unexpected twists and turns, they tell stories in languages ranging from folk to rock and punk. Their latest release, ‘Les Boites’ or The Boxes is an anthemic alt rock track. Filling with gritty riffs, punching punk beats, and launching vocals, the track is a flash of rock that is reminiscent of artists like Ramones, Sex Pistols and Green Day!  
The track has a lot of interesting rhythm designs that are all reconciled with delightful chaos. Sometimes overlaid or sometimes lined up, one after the other, they bring so much character to the track. Opening with funky tropical lines, it evolves out of its breezy textures to a full-on punk drive. The vocals are relentless, pressing on the punk pulses to make the listening experience more entertaining. Listen Now!  
Existential Magazine (UK) – 24/11/2023 
Drawing their name from “bajki” in Polish meaning “tales, stories”, Baïki is an act quite eccentric, loud and determined to be heard whether you understand their multitude of changing languages or no, exceeding the boundaries of needing to be understood with a sound that’ll make you feel something regardless. One of their newest singles ‘Les boites’ does just that and more, leaving you to visualise and create a story through your mind while Baïki deliver a prominent French lyrical delivery about something universally relatable to all - our lives constantly being packed into boxes. As belongings seem to be all that defines us, and all that’s left behind when we pass, ‘Les boites’ leaves you thinking a little deeper about living a life constantly transported from home to school to work and more. Paired with this unravelling that’s more thought-provoking is a sound that’s brash and bold, at first leading in with simple percussion and electric guitar strums, all the while their vocalist quite harshly contrasts this sound. From his raspy, gravelly rock delivery, his scratchy words fall against these easy-going tones with a rawness indicative of something more deep at play. It’s not long before things explode into a thunderous chorus though, filling the previously open-aired soundscape with thrashing drums, emphatic guitar and even further pushed dominant vocals. As‘Les boites’ continues to share with you a constant evolution and a narrative at play that you needn’t understand the words to pick up on the progressions of, it’s clear even in the instrumentals is a link to life itself and the fluctuating nature of it. With fast-paced instruments, chaotic layerings, contrasts from light to dark and everything in-between, Baïki look to mirror the frenetic pace of our everyday in a way that’ll connect whether you knew the story or just listened along. 
El Bondi (Argentina) – 24/11/2023 
Punk belga, sí. nada más y nada menos. Potente canción acompañada de un divertido video protagonizado por cajas de colores humanas, que le quitan el dramatismo de la letra que reclama que toda nuestra vida está empaquetada. Todo ordenado hasta el final del camino, donde todo lo que queda… son recuerdos en cajas. 
EXTRAVAFRENCH (France) – 23/11/23023 
Voyage Social Effréné Sur “Les Boites” De Baïki 
Voilà un titre qui va vous remettre les idées en place et vous donner une bonne dose d’énergie pour le reste de la journée. Dans son nouveau titre “Les boites”, l’artiste belge Baïki, de son vrai nom Phil de Charleroi, explore la métaphore des boîtes comme symboles des contraintes de notre quotidien. Mêlant musique rapide et paroles incisives, le tout accompagné d’un clip vidéo décalé qui offre une réflexion sur les limites auto-imposées et le désir d’évasion dans un monde insaisissable. 
“Les boites”, dernier morceau de l’artiste belge Baïki, est une œuvre qui questionne la structure compartimentée de nos vies. Ecrite, composée et interprétée par Phil, avec un enregistrement et mixage réalisés par Philmarie au Studio La Rivière (Genappe, Belgique) et un mastering par EQUUS (Bruxelles, Belgique), cette chanson aborde les thèmes de la protection et de l’enfermement tout en nous embarquant sur des riffs de guitares qui vous électrisent le cerveau en quelques riffs de guitares énervés.. 
La musique rapide et nerveuse de “Les boites” reflète le rythme effréné de notre existence, où nous naviguons constamment d’une boîte à l’autre – maison, école, travail – sans prendre le temps de nous arrêter et de réfléchir. Les paroles suggèrent que ces espaces sécurisants peuvent aussi devenir des prisons, limitant notre liberté. Ainsi, Baïki nous invite à tout faire péter et de sortir de nos cases prédéfinies. 
Le clip vidéo, dirigé et monté par Yves Huppen, est le fruit de nombreuses sessions de brainstorming entre Yves et Phil. Plutôt que d’illustrer littéralement le thème de la chanson, ils ont opté pour une approche humoristique et décalée. Le clip met en scène un réalisateur tyrannique et ses marionnettes rebelles, filmé dans un atelier aux abords de Charleroi. Malgré une canicule imprévue, l’équipe a su maintenir la fraîcheur et l’énergie grâce à l’utilisation de ventilateurs, assurant une atmosphère légère malgré les lourds costumes. 
Avec “Les boites”, Baïki réussit à capturer l’essence de notre quête de sens dans un monde de plus en plus segmenté. La chanson est un appel à la prise de conscience et à l’émancipation, un hymne à la liberté de penser et d’agir au-delà des frontières auto-imposées. Nul doute, vous ne pourrez pas échapper à ce groove magnétique de cette nouvelle pépite Rock francophone. 
Principle Music (UK) – 23/11/2023 
Unboxing Life’s Rhythm: BAÏKI’s “Les boites” Dismantles the Mundane
Imagine life encapsulated in boxes—home, work, routine—a mosaic of mundanity. Yet, in BAÏKI’s latest release, “Les boites,” these boxes unravel, revealing a kaleidoscope of rebellion and rhythm. 
From the heart of Belgium, Phil’s artistic prowess orchestrates a symphony where music becomes a liberating force. The track echoes life’s relentless pace, mirroring our frantic race from one enclosure to another. Its rhythm, electrifying and restless, pulsates like the beating heart of modern existence. 
“Les boites” isn’t just a track; it’s a narrative spun through melodies. With vocals that ride the crescendo of emotion and guitars that soar, it’s a sonic rebellion against the confinements we’ve embraced. The virtual drums add a mechanical fervor, symbolizing the automated routines we’re trapped in. 
But it’s not merely the music; it’s the visual escapade. Directed by Yves Huppen, the video defies expectation, unraveling a tale that dances between absurdity and liberation. The portrayal of a tyrannical director trying to orchestrate his puppets only to have chaos reign—a metaphor for life’s unpredictable nature. 
Filmed in the outskirts of Charleroi, the video reflects the unpredictability of life itself. From scorching summer days to the rebellious spirit of the musicians, it’s a testament to the unpredictable essence that lies beyond our structured walls. 
“Les boites” challenges us to embrace the chaos outside our ordered boxes, urging us to find freedom in rebellion. BAÏKI’s offering isn’t just a song; it’s an anthem for breaking free from the shackles of routine. 
In a world meticulously organised into compartments, “Les boites” offers an invitation—to unravel, rebel, and dance to life’s untamed rhythm. BAÏKI’s music isn’t just a melody; it’s an uproar against the ordinary. 
OS GAROTOS DE LIVERPOOL (Brasil) – 21/11/2023 
Baïki lança a faixa 'Les boites'
Diretamente da Bélgica, esse é um projeto que aparece por aqui de maneira inédita, com um trabalho revelado nas plataformas de streaming recentemente e que iremos falar mais sobre abaixo. 
Lançado durante a primeira metade de Outubro, 'Les Boites' é uma faixa que entrega para o público uma sonoridade com a essência do punk rock, tendo baixo destacado, bateria muito bem executada e elementos que também passam pelo rock alternativo, co, uma maneira tão acelerada e frenética quanto o ritmo das nossas vidas, não deixando ninguém parado por um segundo sequer.  
Com um videoclipe que amplifica a experiência da faixa, ele conta a história de um diretor tirânico que sonha em fazer seus bonecos dançarem. "Mas, infelizmente para ele, as coisas não saem como ele deseja! Os protagonistas são muito dissipados e acabam até se rebelando contra o diretor", conta o release oficial.  
En provenance directe de Belgique, c'est un projet qui apparaît ici de manière inédite, avec une œuvre récemment révélée sur les plateformes de streaming et dont nous allons parler plus bas. 
Sorti durant la première moitié du mois d'octobre, 'Les Boites' est un titre qui livre au public un son à l'essence punk rock, avec une basse proéminente, une batterie très bien exécutée et des éléments qui passent aussi par le rock alternatif, co, d'une manière aussi rapide et frénétique que le rythme de nos vies, ne laissant personne immobile une seule seconde.  
Le clip, qui amplifie l'expérience du morceau, raconte l'histoire d'un metteur en scène tyrannique qui rêve de faire danser ses marionnettes. "Mais malheureusement pour lui, les choses ne se passent pas comme il le souhaite ! Les protagonistes sont très dissipés et finissent même par se rebeller contre le metteur en scène", indique le communiqué officiel. 

BERLIN ON AIR (Deutschland) – 20/11/2023 
Leider verstehe ich selbst nur sehr wenig Französisch, doch ich liebe die Sprache, vor allem wenn sie in einem solch fetzigen und zugleich auf originelle Weise spielerischen Indie Rock Sound verpackt ist. 
Die Rede ist von der belgischen Gruppe BAÏKI, die mit ihrem erst im Oktober erschienenen Titel ‘Les boites’ nicht nur ordentlich aufdreht, sondern auch einen verdammt coolen und mitreißenden Groove auf unsere Playlist bringt. Zudem überzeugen die Künstler mit authentischen Punk-Einflüssen und enthüllen stilistische Elemente der frühen 2000er Jahre. 'Les boites’ zeichnet sich durch ein energetisches und rhythmisches Zusammenspiel aus einem satten Bass, temperamentvollen Drums und ordentlich angezerrten E-Gitarren aus, während die markanten Vocals im Fokus ein hohes Maß an Dynamik und Bewegung beisteuern. 
Wenn euch 'Les boites’ gefällt, lohnt es sich auf alle Fälle auch mit weiteren Neuerscheinungen von BAÏKI auf Spotify up-to-date zu bleiben. 
Boyz II Business (USA) – 20/11/2023 
Breaking Free from the Box: Baïki’s Anthemic Call for Liberation 
There are compositions that transcend mere entertainment, tunes that serve as potent messages, and rhythms that echo societal realities. Baïki’s “Les Boites” is one such anthem — a track that boldly confronts the notion of confinement in the metaphorical “box.” 
In this compelling song, Baïki unearths the struggle of humanity’s confinement within figurative boundaries. The lyrics portray the essence of being ensnared within a predetermined system: “(Après le temps des porte-plumes, vient le temps des assumes…pour voler dans une boite qui mate. A peine remis des coups de lattes. Il va falloir faire son devoir. On remise ses rêves au placard et on ravale son amertume)” — a poignant portrayal of the hardships faced within societal constructs. 
The band crafts a sonic landscape that reverberates with urgency and raw honesty, adorned with fervent electric guitar riffs, pounding drums, and emotive vocals. Baïki encapsulates the yearning for emancipation, urging listeners to reflect on their roles within systems that confine, dictate, and restrict. 
At its core, “Les Boites” is a wake-up call, challenging the listener to question the boundaries they’ve unwittingly accepted. The captivating lyrics convey a sense of entrapment — how society herds individuals into predefined roles, stifling aspirations, and suppressing dreams. 
“We go to sorrow in boxes. To keep your place in the box. Gotta ring the cash drawer if we don’t want to take a box.” These profound lyrics capture the harsh reality of conforming to societal norms — where the pursuit of individuality might seem discouraged and boxed in. 
Baïki’s multifaceted sound fuses elements of rock, punk, and folk, creating a vibrant sonic experience that aligns seamlessly with their lyrical intent. The band masterfully maneuvers through various musical genres, much like the fluidity with which languages are interwoven in their songs. 
Latino Gang (Colombia) – 17/11/2023 
«La chanson» – Una Odisea Musical y Cinematográfica que Desafía las Convenciones
Charleroi, Bélgica – La escena musical y cinematográfica se ve sacudida con el lanzamiento de «La chanson», una obra maestra creada por Phil de Charleroi, Bélgica. Esta composición única, que combina texto, música, voces y un toque de humor, ofrece una experiencia que va más allá de los límites convencionales. 
Grabada en el Studio La Rivière en Genappe, Bélgica, con la voz y mezcla de Philmarie, y masterizada por EQUUS en Bruselas, «La chanson» explora la metáfora de vivir en cajas, simbolizando nuestras vidas diarias: casa, escuela, auto, trabajo. Phil se pregunta si estas cajas protectoras se convierten en prisiones y si el precio de la seguridad es la pérdida de nuestra libertad. 
La música rápida y enérgica de la canción refleja el frenesí de nuestras vidas modernas, donde corremos de una caja a otra sin tomarnos el tiempo de reflexionar. Todo está cuidadosamente clasificado en cajones de virtudes, hasta que todo lo que queda son recuerdos en cajas. 
El videoclip, dirigido y editado por Yves Huppen, adopta un enfoque humorístico y fuera de lo común. En lugar de ilustrar las letras de la canción de manera desencantada, el video cuenta la historia de un director tiránico (interpretado por el propio Phil) que sueña con hacer bailar a sus marionetas, representadas por los músicos, pero las cosas no salen como él quiere. Los protagonistas terminan rebelándose contra el director, agregando un toque cómico a la producción. 
Filmado en un taller de la periferia de Charleroi, Bélgica, el clip se esfuerza por evitar el calor del verano, eligiendo un domingo de junio en lugar de uno de julio. Sin embargo, la meteorología belga jugó en contra, convirtiendo ese día de junio en el más caluroso del verano de 2023. Se necesitaron 6 ventiladores para evitar que los miembros de Baïki se derritieran bajo sus disfraces. 
«La chanson» va más allá de ser simplemente una composición musical; es una experiencia artística que estimula el pensamiento y proporciona un espectáculo entretenido. Disponible para todos los amantes de la música y el cine en todas las plataformas de streaming, esta obra original promete dejar una impresión duradera. 
Rock Charts (UK) – 16/11/2023 
Visit an enchanting and fresh journey into the world of independent alternative rock, deep in the heart of Belgium, Mellet, carried by a band called BAÏKI with their standout single “Les boites”. This is not just punk rock, it’s a trip into nostalgia; a dive into Europe-based culture with a classic sound coupled with pop-punk elements. BAÏKI is the voice of the new era. Their track effortlessly channels the appeal of renowned figures in the genre like Nirvana and The Clash, boasting raw male vocals that maintain a super catchy pull. 
Often musicians cleverly present deep insights in their work. This time “Les boites” cleverly toys the heartstrings, with a narrative speaking volumes, reminding us that “Our whole lives are packed into boxes”. This striking phrase will resonate with many. BAÏKI evolves in a world filled with boxes till what’s left at the end of the road are just boxes filled with memories. But, fear not! A delightful twist awaits you in BAÏKI’s enticing video clip. 
I urge you to dive right into BAÏKI’s reel. The ting of punk rock with an alternative silhouette and a heart-warming pop-punk vibe is something you wouldn’t want to miss. Check it out, visit their website, and drop a follow on Spotify. To satiate your appetite for more such distinct music, like and listen to our playlist. BAÏKI is a band to be followed, a band to keep an eye out for as they carve out their niche in the rich tapestry of music. 
PlasticMag (UK) – 16/11/2023 
New music video from BAÏKI

From the small town of Mellet in Belgium rises the musical outfit known as BAÏKI, led by the talented musician Philippe Baillij. Fluent in the language of rock, BAÏKI’s compositions cut through genres, at times embracing punk or folk influences. 
The name “BAÏKI,” derived from the Polish word ‘bajki,’ meaning tales or stories, aptly captures the band’s commitment to narrative-driven music. Debuting in 2014 with the album Globalienation, BAÏKI made a compelling return in 2021 with the single “Hotel Echo Lima Papa.” 
Now, with their latest offering, they present the brand new single titled “Les boites.” The new song covers the theme of living within the confines of metaphorical boxes. With much of modern life defined by structured spaces such as your home, school, car and job, BAÏKI explores the dual nature of these boxes, acknowledging their sanctuary and protection while questioning when these protective spaces transform into confining prisons. 
The song’s fast-paced and nervous energy mirrors the frenetic pace of contemporary life, where individuals move from one box to another without pausing to reflect. BAÏKI captures this context in the song, delivered via an indie rock sound injected with punk energy and attitude. 
Opened by the click of drum sticks, strummed guitar chords set the backing for Philippe’s commanding vocals wrapped in subtle processing to enter before the full-band sound launches with driving drums, crunchy guitar chords and bouncy lead vocals carrying catchy melodic leads. It’s a superb rock jam that sees BAÏKI serve up another slice of their highly original, swaggering sound. 
Accompanying the single is a visually striking music video directed by Yves Huppen. The video features band members Philippe, Pascal and Hugues, along with director Yves and Sylvie, playing the role of the sweeper. The video recounts a tale of a tyrannical director dreaming of making puppets dance, only to find the protagonists, played by BAÏKI members, rebellious and resistant to his whims.

Perede Elétrica (Brasil) – 15/11/2023 
Para quem quer algo diferente, fora do unusual, falando no sentido de idioma: Diretamente da Bélgica, o Baïki entrega além de um clipe divertido, um punk direto e reto com a faixa "Les Boites", falando sobre as vidas que giram em torno de casa, escola, carro e trabalho. 
Rockola Indie (Mexico) – 14/11/2023 
Si te encanta la música con un ritmo electrificante y lleno de energía deberías escuchar “ Les boites” de la banda "Baïki", escúchala y déjate llevar por una sensación de rebeldía y liberación que provoca el ritmo contagioso, es una de las canciones que debes agregar a tu pleylist si te gusta el rock,punk, ya que sus ritmos envolventes con el riff de guitarra te harán sentir lleno de energía y con muchas ganas de iniciar a bailar. 
Este diamante en bruto sin duda alguna te dara fuerza de querer hacer lo que siempre quisiste ser en este mundo, “sin importa la complejidad de la sociedad cuando te sientes atrapado en una caja o cumpliendo expectativas que otras personas nos imponen”, es parte del mensaje reflexivo que crea la canción. 
Te recomiendo escuchar esta canción a todo volumen y dejarte llevar por su poderoso ritmo lleno de agresividad y actitud ¡seguro te encantara! 

Laguaridarock (Argentina) – 11/11/2023 
Vivimos en cajas. Hogar, escuela, coche, trabajo. Cajas acogedoras y protectoras, sí, pero cajas que evitan que nos contagiemos nuestras alas. ¿Es ese el precio que pagamos por sentirnos protegidos? 
¿Y cuándo estas cajas protectoras se convierten en cárceles? 
La música se hace eco del ritmo frenético de nuestras vidas. 
Corremos de una caja a la siguiente, pero mientras corremos, no nos tomamos el tiempo para detenernos y pensar. Todo está cuidadosamente guardado en cajones virtuosos. 
Todo ordenado hasta el final del camino. Donde todo lo que queda… son recuerdos en cajas. 
El vídeoclip cuenta la historia de un director tiránico que sueña con hacer bailar a sus títeres. Pero desafortunadamente para él, ¡las cosas no salen como él quiere! 
Los protagonistas son muy indisiplinados e incluso terminan rebelándose contra el director… 
El clip fue filmado en un taller a las afueras de Charleroi (Bélgica). Para evitar que se caliente demasiado durante el rodaje, se eligió un domingo de junio en lugar de un día de julio. Pero, por suerte, no se puede predecir el tiempo en Bélgica. Ese día de junio fue el más caluroso del Verano 2023 y se necesitaron 6 ventiladores para evitar el miembros de Baïki se derritan bajo sus disfraces… 

Muse Chronicle (India) - 11/11/2023 
Les boites by Baïki: An out of the box track 
Baïki has an unfairly high level of musical coolness. His music is a reflection of his mind, a place where anything may happen. Who would have thought that a song could go from funk to punk? This performer is on the rise. 
“Les Boites is a track with extensive structure and motivational theme.” 
The song Les boites, which means “the boxes” in French, sets the mood that anything may happen. It’s a song about how we’re confined and shaped from birth, in terms of where we go to school, what we do for a living, and how we use our free time. To what extent we are moulded by the structure for their purposes, at the expense of our own goals, is explored in length. Baïki‘s unique sound sets them apart from the typical punk rock band. Quite the opposite, their music maybe explores the principles of punk rock, but they’ve got so much more to give. Consequently, “Les boites” is indicative of the band as a whole. A call to arms that reminds us we can stand up to those who would want to dominate us and that we don’t have to fit into any predetermined moulds, either figuratively or literally. We can be free, and we can put those who want to govern us in their own box (metaphorically speaking, of course), and we can move ahead without their influence; this is Baïki‘s obvious message. 
It’s a huge amount of work that takes plenty of motion and listening to get the rhythm down. 
Musikepool (UK) – 09/11/2023 
Unboxing Life, BAÏKI’s Thought-Provoking ‘Les boites’ 
“Les boites” by BAÏKI takes us on a thought-provoking journey through the boxes that define our lives. Home, school, car, job – they provide comfort and protection, but do they also confine us? The song’s fast-paced, frenetic energy mirrors the whirlwind of our daily existence. In our constant rush from one box to another, we seldom pause to reflect. The lyrics poignantly ask, when do these protective spaces transform into prisons? The track carries us to the end of the road, leaving us with nothing but memories neatly stored away. 
The accompanying video, directed and edited by Yves Huppen, adds an intriguing layer to the narrative. Rather than a literal portrayal of the song’s lyrics, the video takes an unexpected turn. It introduces us to a tyrannical director, played by Phil himself, who yearns to orchestrate his puppets’ every move. However, his plans are thwarted, and the protagonists rebel against his authority. This clever twist injects humor and unpredictability into the visual storytelling. 
The choice of location, a workshop on the outskirts of Charleroi, Belgium, adds authenticity to the video. Despite a scorching June day, the band members, disguised in elaborate costumes, persevere through the heat, creating a memorable visual spectacle. “Les boites” not only challenges our perceptions of the boxes that structure our lives, but also offers a visually engaging and entertaining experience. Through both song and video, BAÏKI invites us to contemplate the balance between comfort and freedom, leaving us with a thought-provoking message wrapped in a lively musical package. 
Artisti Online (Italia) – 08/11/2023 
Dal momento in cui nasciamo a quello in cui moriamo il nostro percorso è già programmato. La vita di ognuno di noi è strutturata in modo da assecondare le esigenze del Sistema che ha bisogno di un certo tipo di cittadini per potersi tenere in piedi. Ogni fase della nostra vita è metaforicamente assimilabile ad una scatola, per cui ne abbiamo una per ogni tappa della nostra esistenza. Ognuna di esse ha confini e possibilità di movimento limitati e ben definiti che hanno il compito di imprigionarci in quel meccanismo perverso. 
Mano a mano che cresciamo ed assolviamo i nostri doveri da suddito veniamo spostati in una nuova scatola che prevede altre regole. Crescere, sposarsi, fare figli, contribuire alla produzione, ma soprattutto consumare. In questo sistema non c'è spazio per le ambizioni, ma solo compiti da assolvere per il corretto funzionamento di quella società sedicentemente democratica che offre soltanto una vana illusione di libero arbitrio. 
L'introduzione di questo articolo riassume i concetti esposti dai Baȉki nel loro ultimo singolo intitolato Les Boites. In questo avvincente brano folk punk la band belga esprime una forte critica alla società moderna, sottolineando come ogni persona è obbligata per sopravvivere a sottostare a norme comportamentali standardizzate che garantiscono al Sistema cieca obbedienza da parte del popolo. 
Il brano si apre con una vivace ritmica di chitarra che accompagna i primi versi della canzone. La prima strofa è già polemicamente esemplificativa di quanto la band voglia esprimere con questo pezzo e dopo questa introduzione all'acqua di rose il pezzo si trasforma in un inno punk in cui vengono inaspriti i toni. 
Il pezzo si sviluppa attraverso i canoni del folk contestatario e antisociale che si sposano ad un'estetica punk-rock aggressiva ed incisiva. Il sound del brano è trascinante e rabbioso e riesce ad incarnare pienamente quel senso di ribellione che anima chi si rifiuta di mettersi in fila con le altre pecore per andare al macello. 
Il concetto di scatola appare continuamente nel testo della canzone come esemplificazione delle varie gabbie della nostra vita. Dalla scatola che è la nostra auto per recarci a lavoro, alla scatola in cui passiamo otto ore al giorno per guadagnarci il cibo, dalla scatola piatta da cui ascoltiamo come dobbiamo comportarci, alle grosse scatole in cui facciamo i nostri acquisti indotti, fino alla scatola che conterrà le nostre spoglie una volta deceduti. 
Questo circuito malevolo ha inizio alla fine dell'infanzia, quando il fanciullo ripone quelli che sonno i suoi sogni in una scatola per diventare un membro produttivo della società. Da quel momento in poi non c'è più scampo ed il giovane ingranaggio inizia la sua discesa in quell'inferno chiamato vita. 
Il brano scorre via veloce con un eloquenza fin troppo chiara che viene sbattuta in faccia senza mezzi termini all'ignaro ascoltatore. 
Un pezzo cinico e diretto che colpisce duro. 
THE MUSICAL ROAD (Poland) – 07/11/2023 
"Les boites" by Baïki is a thought-provoking exploration of the human experience, focusing on the metaphorical boxes that define our lives. The song delves into the concept of how we, as individuals, often live within various boxes, symbolizing our homes, schools, cars, and jobs. These boxes can be comfortable and protective, yet they can also become confining, stifling our freedom to grow and expand. The lyrics raise questions about the balance between security and the sense of being trapped, as well as the trade-offs we make in the pursuit of protection. 
Musically, "Les boites" matches the theme's urgency with a fast-paced and nervous tempo that mirrors the frenetic pace of modern life. This energetic composition effectively conveys the constant hustle and bustle, the rapid transitions from one box to another, and the perpetual motion that characterizes contemporary society. 
The lyrics touch on how we compartmentalize our lives, neatly filing away our experiences and emotions in the drawers of virtue. The song reflects the all-too-common tendency to keep moving without pausing to reflect on our existence. It questions the nature of our hurried lives and the extent to which we are truly present in the moment. 
The accompanying video clip for "Les boites" takes an intriguing approach. Rather than directly illustrating the lyrics of the song, it chooses to subvert expectations. This decision adds depth and complexity to the song's message, encouraging viewers to consider the underlying themes on a deeper level. 
"Les boites" prompts introspection and contemplation about the boxes we find ourselves in, both physically and metaphorically. It serves as a reminder that life is more than just the spaces we occupy and that it's essential to pause, reflect, and appreciate the moments that lie beyond the confines of our comfort zones. Baïki has created a compelling musical and visual work that invites us to question the way we live our lives and encourages us to explore beyond the boxes we construct around ourselves. 
Es Medio (Mexico) – 07/11/2023 
Si te encuentras abrumado de la rutina del día a día, te dejamos con este divertido y realista tema del artista Baïki que lleva por título “Les boites” un interesante y prendido tema que cuenta con ritmos contagiosos de Rock/Punk el cual nos relata una historia de como la sociedad nos envuelve en la rutina convertirnos en simples títeres, manipulados con el propósito de trabajar consumidos para pagar deudas y conservar un empleo encerrados en cajas como el hogar, la escuela y el trabajo pero esas mismas cajas son ataduras que no nos permiten ser nosotros mismos, lo cual termina oprimiendo nuestros verdaderos sueños e ilusiones y al final tu destino solo es terminar en una simple caja solo y oprimido. 
THOUGHTS WORDS ACTION (Serbia) – 06/11/2023 
“Les boites” is a recently released single by Belgian punk rock group BAÏKI. It’s a song that explains how our lives are boxed in and molded since the day we’re born, no matter if we’re talking about education, profession, or any other aspect of life. It dives deep into how the system shapes us for their cause, leaving our ambitions aside. Soundwise, BAÏKI is not another ordinary punk rock group. Quite the contrary, their music maybe explores the fundamentals of punk rock, but they have so much more to offer. Therefore, “Les boites” is a true representative of what this band is all about. You’ll notice how elements of alternative, garage, indie, and pop punk found their way into this fine piece of sonic artistry. Of course, the band used these additional elements as more than necessary enhancements, accentuations, decorations, and other details that uplift this track on an entirely new level, while they remain loyal to the primary sonic direction. 
These experimentations resulted in a catchy, modern, energetic, cheerful punk rock song with a very important message. BAÏKI are blending all these qualities like such pros, leaving no room for mistakes. Of course, intelligent lyricism and exceptional vocal performance play significant roles here, as the group strongly focuses on delivering the message about the world we’re living in. You’ll notice how lead vocal performance and singalongs bring that catchy, anthemic vibes, which are one of the main characteristics of modern punk rock music. The group paid a lot of attention while assembling harmonies, melodies, chord progressions, and riffs. The guitars shape the ambiance, while the powerful rhythm section built upon equally complex, vividly hearable, warm-sounding basslines, and outstanding drumming based on energetic, well-accentuated beats, breaks, fills, and other percussive acrobatics contribute with heaviness, depth, clarity, groove, and pace. 
They undoubtedly thought about structure, as the entire song has many catchy moments where their lyrics, vocal, and instrumental performances shine through. Another thing that will catch your attention is how they gradually introduce more instrumentations with every verse. It’s such a nice touch that offers a bit of diversity in every segment of the song. With such a wisely constructed collection of best elements borrowed from modern punk rock, pop-punk, garage, alternative, and indie, “Les boites” will appeal to any socially conscious punk rocker. The single is available on all streaming platforms. 
Good Music Radar (Netherlands) – 06/11/2023 
It is unfair how cool Baïki can make music sound. Like an extension of his personality, anything is possible, and his music is like The Twilight Zone. Sometimes funk, sometimes punk-who would have thunk? This artist is going places, and luckily he has a plus one. This is his latest single, Les boites.  
Literally translating to “the boxes”, there is a good possibility that anything can happen since you start listening to the song. What if he wants to tick all the boxes, of genres? When the alt-rock beginning comes in, it becomes obvious that he means well. It is a rocking swinger, and you seem to get addicted to the composition immediately. The four chord change is recognizable, maybe you want to play along as well. I’m not fluent in French (I know absolutely nothing to be honest), but his lyrical delivery pay respect to the genre for sure. I translated the track, and I’m sure Google Translate didn’t do much justice, but a lot can be heard in how he executes it as well. Baïki is setting fire to the table and running across it, and I want to join him, just based on his feral energy. 
SoundsGoodWebZine (Italia) – 05/11/2023 
“Les boites”, la traccia proposta, offre un sound Alternative Rock intenso e coinvolgente , ben esaltato da innesti più marcati che danno dinamica a tutto il percorso. Il sound generale, risulta energico , avvincente, con un amalgama ridondante e corposa per mezzo di suoni che ne esaltano ed impreziosiscono la struttura. Un lavoro ben fatto per lasciare un buon segno con l’intento a nostro avviso riuscito di rendere il brano nell’insieme dinamico e squillante. 
I Baïki con questa proposta, si dimostrano preparati a creare strutture dinamiche lasciando senza dubbio un’ottima impronta. Una voce decisa dona ulteriore volume e profondità all’ascolto, generando infatti una buona fluidità che risulta essere così coinvolgente e per nulla stancante. Un brano che trascina l’ascoltatore in una dimensione dal notevole impatto sonoro e che sprigiona ottime vibrazioni. 
LOST IN THE MANOR (UK) – 05/11/2023 
Baïki brings us a wonderful French alt-rock arrangement filled with eclectic hard rock stylings with their latest offering “Les boites”. This track which is driven by its organic instrumentation features heavy thumping basslines and deliciously crunchy guitars that make up the spine of this track's soundscape. The production quality and vocal performance on this track are amazingly well done and simply craft an experience that is memorable and effortlessly gets you into the groove. I loved listening to “Les boites” and so will you, do yourself a favour and check Baïki out today and add their music to your playlists! 
THE HEAVY MELODY (Portugal) – 02/11/2023 
Belgium-based act BAÏKI release new single and music video "Les boites"
The track It is captivating, from its official video clip, to the very story that the track carries, perhaps you will feel very identified. What if everything; your job, hopes, fears, loves, joys, apprehensions, came alive as boxes (“boites” in French). Now, what if those boxes were anthropomorphic and took a kind of light-hearted revenge on their creator? 
The video clip tells the story of a tyrannical director who dreams of making his puppets dance. But unfortunately for him, things don't turn out the way he wants! The protagonists are very dissipated and even end up rebelling against the director. 
The clip was filmed in a workshop on the outskirts of Charleroi (Belgium). To avoid it getting too hot during filming, a Sunday in June was chosen rather than a day in July.  
"Starting with the title of the song, there was certainly a way to do something funny and off-the-wall. Phil built a huge wall of boxes and costume boxes for each of the musicians. As these costumes were very uncomfortable and rather ridiculous, why not imagine that it was the director who had come up with this crazy idea?" - says the band.  
PANM360 (Canada) – 02/11/2023 
What if everything; your job, hopes, fears, loves, joys, apprehensions, came alive as boxes (“boites” in French). Now, what if those boxes were anthropomorphic and took a kind of light-hearted revenge on their creator? 
This is the story of the new music video from Baïki, a songwriter from Belgium. On “Les Boîtes,” he uses a punk rock enthusiasm in the same style as someone like The Dropkick Murphys, while a DIY music video unfolds. The boxes are all different colors, and are being controlled by a bearded puppet master who instructs them to dance in unison. But soon, the boxes, no longer wanting to be shackled, choose free will and turn on their master. A great music video with a vague message. 
York Calling (UK) - 01/11/2023 
BAÏKI are a Mellet, Belgium-based act who have just come to my attention thanks to their surreal yet insightful new track and video. Meditating on how our lives exist in boxes, it’s called Les boites. 
By Graeme Smith 
Les boites, of course, translates from French to English as “the boxes” and in their new track and video, BAÏKI invite us into their colourful, box-filled world. It opens with a bright percussive riff before jangly guitar comes in. Charismatic vocals tell a subversive story in the verse before the track hits its full punk rock stride at the first chorus. 
BAÏKI are Phil, MarcDo, Pascal and Hugues. Les boites was written and sung by Phil, who also recorded the guitars, bass and virtual drums. The voice recording and mixing was done by Philmarie at Studio La Rivière in Genappe, Belgium. Mastering was by EQUUS in Brussels. You can check out its video, directed and edited by Yves Huppen, below.

BOOKLET Magazine (Italia) – 01/11/2023 
Rock in francese con un certo qual sottotono folk. È la proposta del progetto belga Baïki sul suo nuovo singolo Les boites, che potete immaginarvi come una sorta di unione fra Modena City Ramblers, Davide Van De Sfroos e i Flogging Molly. Il ritmo del pezzo è davvero coinvolgente, e anche se capiamo molto poco di quello che dice il testo, la lingua universale della musica ci permette di ballare e ondeggiare a tempo allo stesso modo. 
The percussion starts off great and the guitars set the mood really good from the start! I love the filtered vocals in the beginning. There is an energy going on that would translate to a huge dance in a live setting! Great way to send a message with a really good song and a really well done music video! I love the way the vocals sound here, just perfect with the right amount of “theatrical” feel to them over some really catchy riffs! Looking forward to your future projects! We will share it on Instagram. It will also go into the recommended column in our printed magazine. 
We live in boxes. Home, school, car, job. Cosy, protective boxes, yes, but boxes that prevent us from spreading our wings. Is that the price we pay for feeling protected? And when do these protective boxes become prisons? The fast-paced, nervous music echoes the frenetic pace of our lives. We run from one box to the next, but while we're running, we don't take the time to stop and think. Everything is neatly filed away in virtue drawers. All tidied up until the end of the road. Where all that's left... is memories in boxes. 

Zone Nights (Argentina) – 30/10/2023 
Baïki regresó a Zone Nights con la idea de compartir Les boites un sencillo que se te grabará rápidamente en la memoria.  
Es atrapante, desde su video clip oficial, hasta la misma historia que lleva la pista, quizás te sientas muy identificado. 
Como siempre nos gusta escribir, todo con música suena mejor y Les boites no es la excepción. 
Su estribillo ha quedado muy bien, sus guitarras son pegadizas y la batería será la encargada de invitarte a mover todo tu aparato locomotor. 
Dale al play y no olvides subir el volumen. 
Es una presentación exclusiva de Zone Nights para Argentina. 
Letsgorock.net (Brasil) – 30/10/2023 
Baïki lança seu novo single “Les boites” 
Baïki, banda belga de rock/punk lança seu novo single “Les boites”. Essa faixa tem uma sonoridade envolvente que me prendeu desde o início. A maneira como a banda mistura os sons é incrível, criando um paralelo interessante entre as melodias e a ideia de memórias guardadas em caixas. A forma como as camadas musicais são apresentadas parece uma representação artística da nossa própria organização de recordações, algo bastante original. 
A música tem um apelo emocional forte que realmente ressoa. Os arranjos musicais, juntamente com a mensagem por trás da composição, tornam a experiência auditiva única e significativa. 
Além disso, essa faixa se destaca pelo seu poder de provocar reflexões sobre o passado e as relações com as memórias armazenadas. 
“Vivemos em caixas. Casa, escola, carro, trabalho. Caixas aconchegantes e protetoras, certamente, mas caixas que nos impedem de abrir nossas asas. É este o preço a pagar para se sentir protegido? E quando Essas caixas protetoras se tornam prisões? A música rápida e nervosa ecoa o frenético das nossas vidas. Corremos de uma caixa para outra, mas tanto Enquanto corremos, não perdemos tempo para parar e pensar. Tudo está bem classificado nas gavetas das virtudes. Tudo arrumado até o fim. Onde tudo o que resta… São memórias em caixas.” disse a banda. 

Penhasco Rock (Brasil) – 29/10/2023 
"Les Boites" é uma experiência musical verdadeiramente envolvente. O ritmo desta música é cativante de uma forma única, transportando o ouvinte para um universo sonoro distinto. A combinação de elementos melódicos e rítmicos cria uma atmosfera que prende a atenção desde o primeiro acorde. A habilidade do artista em tecer camadas de som de forma harmoniosa resulta em uma peça que é tanto estimulante quanto relaxante, proporcionando uma experiência auditiva memorável. Além disso, a maneira como "Les Boites" incorpora diferentes texturas sonoras demonstra um domínio notável da produção musical. Com certeza iremos divulgar.

"Les Boîtes" est une expérience musicale véritablement immersive. Le rythme de cette chanson est captivant d'une manière unique, transportant l'auditeur dans un univers sonore distinct. La combinaison d'éléments mélodiques et rythmiques crée une atmosphère qui capte votre attention dès le premier accord. La capacité de l'artiste à tisser harmonieusement des couches de sons donne lieu à une pièce à la fois stimulante et relaxante, offrant une expérience d'écoute mémorable. Par ailleurs, la manière dont « Les Boites » intègre différentes textures sonores démontre une remarquable maîtrise de la production musicale. Nous allons certainement le faire connaître. 

Edgar Allan Poets (UK) – 28/10/2023 
Baïki, with their single and video “Les boites,” deliver a musical and visual experience that leaves an indelible impression. 
This band has a message to convey, and their ironic approach adds a layer of cleverness to the delivery. 
The result is a fantastic video that serves as a rebellion against societal conformity and, at times, mindless obedience that plagues our world. 
Les boites is brilliant, illustrating the band’s protest against the confinement and conformity that society often imposes. 
It’s a rallying cry, reminding us that we don’t have to be contained within boxes, physically or metaphorically, and that we have the power to challenge those who seek to control us. 
Baïki’s message is clear: we can be free, and we can put those who try to rule us in their own figurative box and move forward without their influence. 
Musically, “Les boites” is a catchy and wild ride. It carries the energetic vibes of alternative punk rock, with a relentless pace and strong distorted guitars that drive the rebellious spirit of the song. 
It’s a musical journey that grabs you and doesn’t let go. 
This is a musical and visual experience that challenges the status quo and inspires you to seize your own freedom, “Les boites” is an exhilarating ride that you won’t want to miss. 
SKYLIGHT WEBZINE (Greece) – 27/10/2023 
Baïki’s “Les Boites” is an electrifying punk track that merges the raucous energy of punk with introspective post-punk influences to create a compelling and thought-provoking musical experience. The song’s lyrics delve into the intricacies of societal conformity, the boxes we find ourselves in, and the struggles of maintaining individuality within the confines of societal norms. The lyrics are a striking narrative, painting a vivid picture of life’s different phases and the pressures to conform. Lines like “On s’envole d’une boite qui formate, pour voler dans une boite qui mate” underscore the relentless cycle of societal pressures and the need to conform, skillfully using wordplay to convey the message. The repetitive motif of “Fermez la boite, Faut surtout pas que tu t’enrhumes…” serves as a powerful reminder of the cyclical nature of life within these metaphorical boxes. Musically, the track delivers a gritty and raw backdrop to the lyrics, with a mix of punk and post-punk elements that capture the urgency and tension of the subject matter. The distorted guitar riffs and driving rhythm give the song an edgy quality that complements the lyrical depth. The transition between punk and post-punk styles adds layers of complexity, mirroring the multifaceted nature of societal conformity. “Les Boites” is a profound commentary on the human experience, challenging the listener to question the roles and expectations imposed by society and to embrace their individuality. It’s a powerful reminder that we should never let ourselves be confined to the boxes society attempts to place us in, and to embrace our true selves. 
Danel Records (Mexico) – 26/10/2023 
Y desde Bélgica, "Baïki" regresa con un nuevo contenido titulado "Les boites" una canción cargada con gran influencia de Punk y Metal y voces muy al estilo the Clash; que junto con su video llamativo nos dan un gran mensaje sobre la vida. 
Jéssica Mar (Brazil) – 24/10/2023 
You managed to create a great song with a well-explored lyricism, with the oldschool sound of punk rock and the sensitivity of alternative rock, proving that you knew how to use your influences in a peculiar way to create your own identity in the music scene. The vocals aligned and full of melody have an infectious presence and attitude mixed with talent, in addition to the successful bet on a musical style that, although niche, has a very loyal fan base. This new hit is an anthem that will stick in the listener's mind, hypnotizing and making them sing and travel along with the music. The guitar lines are sparkling and harmonic, distilling the energy of rockabilly. The vocals have a strong presence, maintaining the captivating atmosphere, singing poetic rhymes with the power to invite the listener to reflect, full of techniques and intoxicating power. The beat reminds us of punk rock, with a very powerful rockabilly bass, and a melody that makes us dance, reminding us a lot of Dropkick Murphys 

SOULWAVEZ (Mexico) – 22/10/2023 
Vivimos en cajas. Hogar, escuela, coche, trabajo. Cajas acogedoras y protectoras, sin duda, pero cajas que nos impiden extender nuestras alas. ¿Es este el precio a pagar para sentirse protegido? ¿Y cuándo estas cajas protectoras se convierten en cárceles? La música rápida y nerviosa se hace eco del frenético de nuestras vidas. Corremos de una caja a otra, pero mientras corremos, no nos tomamos el tiempo para detenernos y pensar. Todo está bien clasificado en cajones de virtudes. Todo ordenado hasta el final. Donde todo lo que queda… Son recuerdos en cajas. 

En Tijuana Hay Rock (Mexico) – 21/10/2023 
Baïki Lanza Les Boîtes : una crítica satírica a la rutina del trabajador
El artista belga Baïki nos sorprende con su reciente lanzamiento Les Boîtes , una profunda reflexión sobre la eterna miseria de la clase trabajadora y cómo su vida está atrapada en cajas: la casa, la escuela, el automóvil, el trabajo.  
Aunque estas cajas ofrecen comodidad y protección, Baïki plantea la pregunta, ¿cuándo se convierten en prisiones que nos impiden desplegar nuestras alas? Esta canción, que se encuentra un sonido de rock muy personal, se acompaña de un video musical que añade una dimensión humorística y satírica a esta crítica social. 
Baïki, cuyo nombre proviene de la palabra polaca "bajki" que significa "cuentos o historias", se enorgullece de saltar de un idioma a otro en sus composiciones de rock. Además del rock, a veces se percibe un toque de punk o folk en su música. Baïki nos desafía a cuestionar la realidad a través de sus letras, que a veces parecen situaciones fuera de la realidad, pero con un toque de ironía. Su música es una reflexión sobre nuestras vidas encerradas en estas "cajas" y cómo nos movemos rápidamente de una a otra sin tomarnos el tiempo de reflexionar. 
INDIE AM (Mexico) – 20/10/2023 
BAÏKI nos presenta su sencillo a promocionar, “Les boites “, (Las Cajas)
“Les Boites” en palabras de los integrantes de BAÏKI: 
“Vivimos en cajas. Hogar, escuela, coche, trabajo. Cajas acogedoras y protectoras, sí, pero cajas que evitan que nos contagiemos nuestras alas. ¿Es ese el precio que pagamos por sentirnos protegidos? ¿Y cuándo estas cajas protectoras se convierten en cárceles? 
La música trepidante y nerviosa se hace eco del ritmo frenético de nuestras vidas. Corremos de una caja a la siguiente, pero mientras corremos, no nos tomamos el tiempo para detenernos y pensar. Todo está cuidadosamente guardado en cajones virtuosos. 
Todo ordenado hasta el final del camino. Donde todo lo que queda… son recuerdos en cajas. 
Este videoclip de “Les boites “, (Las Cajas) es el resultado de largas sesiones de lluvia de ideas. Al principio, hubo una fuerte tentación de ceñirse a el tema desencantado del texto, pero cada vez, la sinopsis no satisfacía. Fue entonces cuando llegaron Yves y Phil a la conclusión de que no era necesario insistir en el tema. En lugar de ilustrar la letra de la canción, ¡Decidí hacer todo lo contrario! Y de ahí surgió la idea… 
Comenzando con el título de la canción, ciertamente había una manera de hacer algo divertido y fuera de lo común. Phil construyó un enorme muro de palcos y cajas de disfraces para cada uno de los músicos. Como estos disfraces eran muy incómodos. y bastante ridículos, ¿por qué no imaginar que fue el director a quien se le ocurrió esta loca idea? 
El videoclip cuenta la historia de un director tiránico que sueña con hacer bailar a sus títeres pero desafortunadamente para él, ¡las cosas no salen como él quiere! Los protagonistas son muy disipados e incluso terminan rebelándose contra el director… 
El clip fue filmado en un taller a las afueras de Charleroi (Bélgica). Para evitar que se caliente demasiado durante el rodaje, se eligió un domingo de junio en lugar de un día de julio. 
Pero, por suerte, no se puede predecir el tiempo en Bélgica. Ese día de junio fue el más caluroso del verano 2023 y se necesitaron 6 ventiladores para evitar que los miembros de Baïki se derritieran bajo sus disfraces…” 
Rock And Birra (Chile) – 20/10/2023  
Baïki, rock y cuentos. Sobre todo no les crean, todo está mal. O no. O al contrario… Sin embargo, los textos se refieren a situaciones que uno juraría que no son reales. Pero no puede ser posible. Sería demasiado duro, demasiado frontal… Para confundiros, Baïki saltará encantado de un idioma a otro según sus composiciones rockeras. Pero no sólo rock. A veces incluso se podía detectar un toque de punk o folk. Baïki (pronunciado «Buy-Key») toma su nombre de «bajki» en polaco, que significa «cuentos, historias». Nada de esto es real, aunque pensándolo bien… 

Or rouge (24/03/2023)
Deckartv (Chile) – 20/07/2023 
¿Necesitas un refresco tu playlist? Esta semana te presentamos a @philbaiki y su sencillo Or rouge. 
Desde Bélgica nos llega el trabajo de Baïki, proyecto formado el año 2001, cargado de cuentos y un sonido rock con actitud punk. 
Su sencillo Or rouge es una canción que habla de las miserias humanas representadas sarcáticamente a través del canibalismo. 
Jéssica Mar (Brazil) – 02/06/2023
The song presents the band's heavy, daring and chaotic ideology, along with the dense and peculiar sound, which brings a nostalgic sound atmosphere while exuding sincere freshness thanks to youthful energy and visionary mind. Their hit is timeless and features the old school punk sound and modern rock sensibility, proving that the band knew how to use all their influences and mix in a peculiar way to create their own identity in the music scene, reminiscent of the classic band Die Toten. hosen. 
The melody makes the song stick in the mind the first time, awakening the desire to be at a concert by the band. The setting reminds me of the classic punk of protest, union and preservation, it seems that I was in Europe knowing the underground scene which is very rich. 
The song maintains the frequency, taking the listener on an unforgettable sound journey. 
Zona Emergente (Mexico) – 30/05/2023 
El proyecto Belga "Baïki" nos presenta el tema "Or rouge" donde no solo nos muestra una excelente música si no que ademas una interesante letra acerca del tráfico de sangre que existe en algunas partes del mundo. Mientras que en varios países la donación de sangre es completamente normal, existen laboratorios que venden la sangre para medicamentos farmacéuticos a base de plasma, un negocio millonario. 
Sin duda una rola que debes llevar en tu playlist, disponible en todas la plataformas 
OK Music Play (Brasil) – 29/05/2023 
A música em questão oferece uma experiência musical instigando, bebericando na fonte do punk rock clássico, mas trazendo consigo uma abordagem própria e inventiva. Com um ritmo cadenciado, o grupo consegue capturar a essência do gênero, ao mesmo tempo em que adiciona elementos únicos para criar uma identidade sonora distinta. O instrumental, embora simples, revela um trabalho de composição bem elaborado. Os músicos demonstram habilidade em criar arranjos de guitarra inteligentes, que se destacam por sua originalidade e pegada marcante. A dinâmica da música foge do convencional, adicionando variações e surpresas ao longo da faixa, mantendo o ouvinte engajado e interessado em descobrir o que virá a seguir. Um aspecto notável é o vídeo que acompanha a música, que chama a atenção pela alta qualidade de produção e pelo roteiro envolvente. A produção visual complementa perfeitamente a atmosfera da música, oferecendo uma experiência audiovisual completa. O cuidado e a dedicação colocados na criação do vídeo são evidentes, proporcionando um deleite tanto para os fãs da banda quanto para os apreciadores de produções de qualidade. 
La musique en question offre une expérience musicale stimulante, s'abreuvant à la fontaine du punk rock classique, mais apportant avec elle sa propre approche inventive. Avec un rythme cadencé, le groupe parvient à capturer l'essence du genre, tout en ajoutant des éléments uniques pour créer une identité sonore distincte. 
L'instrumentation, bien que simple, révèle un travail de composition bien conçu. Les musiciens montrent leur capacité à créer des arrangements de guitare intelligents, qui se distinguent par leur originalité et leur empreinte frappante. La dynamique de la musique échappe au conventionnel, ajoutant des variations et des surprises tout au long du morceau, ce qui maintient l'auditeur engagé et intéressé par la suite. 
Un aspect notable est la vidéo qui accompagne la chanson, qui attire l'attention par sa production de haute qualité et son scénario engageant. La production visuelle complète parfaitement l'atmosphère de la chanson, offrant une expérience audiovisuelle complète. Le soin et le dévouement apportés à la création de la vidéo sont évidents et constituent un régal pour les fans du groupe et les amateurs de productions de qualité. 

Endsessions (Mexico) – 24/05/2023 
Te presentamos a la nueva sensación de Bélgica, ellos son "Baïki" una banda rock que debes de conocer pues nos presenta su fascinante tema "Or rouge" una canción con toques oscuros y macabros que te llevarán a rockear como nunca. 
Sin duda es una canción súper adictiva pues nos presenta una propuesta cruda que brilla por su fusión de ritmicas y voces agresivas. 
Rock Culture (España) – 15/05/2023
Los belgas Baïki presentan su rock crudo y directo, con ciertos toques de punk o incluso fold. Or Rouge es su último lanzamiento. 
Zone Nights (Argentina) – 13/05/2023 
‘Or rouge’: El nuevo éxito de Baïki 
Baïki, nos deja escuchar su reciente material. 
Se trata de Or rouge, un sencillo con buen estilo de rock alternativo que se ganará un espacio en tus favoritos con solo correr los primeros minutos. 
Ofrece un ritmo que contagia y un video clip que te mantendrá atento. Riffs duros, buen estilo de composición y un mensaje interesante. 
No hacemos más spoiler, mejor dale al play y descubrí el sonido de Baïki con Or rouge. 
Es una presentación exclusiva de Zone Nights para Argentina. Enjoy! 
Es Medio (Mexico) – 12/05/2023 
Desde Bélgica nos ha llegado el fascinante proyecto de "Baïki" quien nos presenta su tema "Or rouge" una canción llena de locura y una rítmica oscura 
Este tema tiene una carga emocional súper identificable y logra atraparte desde los primeros segundos gracias a su producción de alta energía. 
Susse Magazine (Brasil) – 10/05/2023 
Banda de rock belga, BAÏKI, lança single e videoclipe "Or rouge" 
BAÏKI é uma banda de rock belga bastante comprometida, que já 3 álbuns, 1 EP e um conjunto de singles... As letras, por vezes em francês, às vezes em inglês e às vezes até em polonês ou espanhol, são frequentemente frontal porque como poderia ser de outra forma? 
Para BAÏKI, uma música deve necessariamente levar uma mensagem, ser o reflexo de uma análise social. Não é política, é uma visão necessariamente alterada do artista sobre o funcionamento de um mundo cínico no qual deve, no entanto, encontrar um lugar... 
Musicalmente, pode-se encontrar alguns sotaques punk às vezes. Isso não é surpreendente quando você sabe que os membros da banda tem um projeto paralelo chamado LES SLACHES que homenageia a mítica banda THE CLASH. 
Em março de 2023, "Or rouge" é lançado. O tema da música é inspirado em uma reportagem suíça que destaca o lado oculto do sangue coleção. O videoclipe representa simbolicamente o exploração chocante dos corpos de indigentes de pessoas pelo cinismo mercantil de empresas farmacêuticas sem escrúpulos. 
En Tijuana Hay Rock (Mexico) – 09/05/2023 
Exponiendo una situación de crisis de salud como lo es el mercado clandestino de sangre, la banda de Bélgica, Balki, lanza el sencillo Or Rouge, que habla sobre el "oro rojo" que se está volviendo una situación critica en países europeos. 
La agrupación no teme abrir la conversación sobre temas importantes para la sociedad moderna, usando toda su energía para ello. Ellos se consideran contadores de historias, obviamente tratan de exponer la realidad, pero también con un poco de metáfora. 
Su nombre de hecho, significa en polaco historias/cuentos. Eso es lo que buscan expresar, historias reales. Ellos no temen en explorar varios idiomas con sonidos en las canciones partiendo del rock hacia territorios como el punk rock o el folk.  
QALT (Italia) – 05/05/2023 
MINI-RECENSIONE: Baïki – “Or rouge” 
Attitudine punk e testi di protesta, i Baïki tornano con “Or rouge”. 
“Or rouge” è un brano rock con una ritmica alquanto peculiare, piena di “stop and go” che danno al brano un incedere singhiozzante e cadenzato; l’attitudine è punk, sebbene siamo lontani dai ritmi veloci tipici del genere; interessante l’interludio del brano, con delle percussioni quasi vicine all’elettronica e rumori di fondo estranianti. 
SKYLIGHT WEBZINE (Greece) – 01/05/2023 
Baïki’s “Or Rouge” is a high-octane indie rock/punk track that demands attention from the very first chord. Released by the band, the song showcases their raw energy and relentless spirit, making it a standout in the genre. With its driving rhythm, aggressive guitars, and spirited vocals, “Or Rouge” delivers an unapologetic burst of punk-infused indie rock. Right from the opening notes, the track grabs hold of listeners with its fierce and uncompromising sound. The distorted guitar riffs, delivered with precision and urgency. The rhythm section drives the song forward with relentless force, establishing a solid foundation that intensifies the overall impact. 
The vocals on “Or Rouge” are a force to be reckoned with. The lead singer’s gritty and impassioned delivery exudes a sense of rebellion and authenticity that perfectly complements the aggressive instrumentation. The lyrics, delivered in French, add an extra layer of intrigue and add to the track’s undeniable charm. Baïki’s mastery of dynamics shines through in “Or Rouge.” The song expertly navigates between frenetic verses and explosive choruses, creating a rollercoaster of emotions that keeps the listener engaged from start to finish. The band’s tight chemistry is evident, as they seamlessly transition between different sections and deliver a performance that exudes confidence and cohesion. 
Music Crowns (UK) – 24/04/2023 
'Or rouge' sees Baïki unleash beats that are energetic but also mellow, which compliment perfectly with their powerful vocals 
Danel records (Mexico) – 20/04/2023 
Ahora te traemos un proyecto originario de Bélgica llamado "Baïki" con nuevo material de nombre "Or rouge". 
Si tienes gusto por géneros de Punk y Rockabilly, está canción será la ideal para escuchar; compuesta por sus pausas acentuadas que la vuelven una canción muy distintivas y pegadiza. 
Encuentra la ya en todas las plataformas disponibles. 
Soundsgoodwebzine (Italia) – 20/04/2023 
“Or rouge” è il nuovo singolo , della formazione Belga dei Baïki, una proposta che si presenta corposa, coinvolgente e che riesce a trascinare l’ascoltatore verso una dimensione costantemente intraprendente e che a tratti si presenta frastagliata. Un brano i cui dettagli sono sufficienti a catturare l’attenzione degli amanti del genere. Un ritmo generale che conferisce un buon andamento a tutto il percorso regalando un impatto sonoro, dalla notevole corporatura. 
Con questo nuovo brano, i Baïki , dimostrano come si sappiano muoversi nel loro ambiente Alt. Punk Rock , troppo spesso navigato da proposte banali e scontate , mentre in questo caso siamo di fronte ad una proposta, attenta a non trascurare nessun dettaglio per proporre una traccia che vince e convince. Ascoltare per Credere. 
Rock and Birra (Chile) – 19/04/2023 
Baïki, rock y cuentos. Sobre todo no les crean, todo está mal. O no. O al contrario… Sin embargo, los textos se refieren a situaciones que uno juraría que no son reales. Pero no puede ser posible. Sería demasiado duro, demasiado frontal… Para confundiros, Baïki saltará encantado de un idioma a otro según sus composiciones rockeras. Pero no sólo rock. A veces incluso se podía detectar un toque de punk o folk. Baïki (pronunciado «Buy-Key») toma su nombre de «bajki» en polaco, que significa «cuentos, historias». Nada de esto es real, aunque pensándolo bien… 
Penhasco Rock (Brasil) – 15/04/2023 
"Wow!" This song is simply mesmerizing! The catchy rhythm took me on a sonic journey, and I lost myself in thought as I listened to it. The melody is enveloping and took me far away, to a distant place where my imagination ran wild. It was impossible to listen to just once, because the catchy beat and intricate musical elements made me want to listen again and again to appreciate every detail. In my opinion the production is incredible, with tracks of instruments that intertwine perfectly, creating a unique atmosphere that made me feel like I was floating in a dreamlike state This song is a masterpiece that makes me want to close my eyes, feel surrender to the sound and let my mind wander to unknown lands. Kudos to the artist for creating such exceptional and unforgettable music! 
Baïki, rock e contos. Acima de tudo, não acredite neles, está tudo errado. Ou não. Ou o contrário... No entanto, os textos referem-se a situações que alguém juraria que não seriam realidade. Mas isso não pode ser possível. Seria muito duro, muito frontal... Para te confundir, Baïki saltará de bom grado de uma língua para outra de acordo com suas composições de rock. Mas não só rock. Às vezes, você pode até detectar um toque de punk ou folk. Baïki (pronuncia-se “Buy-Key”) tira seu nome de “bajki” em polonês, que significa “contos, histórias”. Nada disso é real, embora pensando bem… 
Acompanhem as redes sociais da banda que provavelmente terá mais novidades em breve. 

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